A while back, I heard of an insurance agent who implemented a strategy in his office that I thought was pretty genius – Once per month, a broker invited his most important referral sources to lunch. Not only that, he would have them picked up from their offices by a limo service. This little ploy made his referral sources feel special, but, more importantly, it forced them to explain to their associates why the limo was waiting for them. He was able to get SOOOO many more referral generators by doing this.

Now, that in itself is pretty genius – But, I thought… maybe there is a way to kick this up a notch and take this a step further? So here’s what we came up with – The reality is that the limo has already been paid for – Whether there is one person in the car, or four, it’s probably still the same price – So when you invite your best referral sources to lunch, let them know… “listen, I’m going to have a car pick you up for lunch… but I want to take this a step further… I want you to invite 3 other loan officers, OR loan processors from your office to come with you – my treat!”

This is going to boost up their excitement as THEY are now the reason that their colleagues in their office are going to be able to go in a limo and get a free lunch. The whole office is going to be watching as the limo pulls up, and YOU will be the talk of the town!

The reality is that this doesn’t have to cost very much, but the amount of LIFETIME referral partners you will get from this will be INSANE!

Now, maybe you’re reading this and thinking – But, I’m not an insurance agent. This idea works for ANY industry – If you have referral sources, think outside the box and use an idea like this with YOUR best referral partners. That’s your tip for the day!

Have a great day everyone!