If you know me at all, you know that I’m BIG on growing your insurance agency off of nothing but referrals, especially referrals from your centers of influence like loan officers and real estate agents.

I teach agents how to be able to find an unlimited supply of prospects to refer to their referral sources, and find them all on their own, spending as little as $2/each, BUT… there are also ways to do this and spend $0!

What am I on about? Plain and simple – changing the conversation with your existing clients in your book of business can lead to a huge database to refer to your centers of influence.

For example… PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

If you were to call the homeowners in your book of business, and leave THIS voicemail, do you think you’d get a reply? – “Hi John and Marsha, (your name) here with (your agency name). I was just doing a review of your homeowners policy you have with us, and I suddenly realized something. You guys bought your house (2, 3, 4, 10, etc.) years ago, and I have a feeling we can help you REMOVE a monthly fee that you’re currently paying on your mortgage because of how much equity you have in your home now. Give me a call ASAP to discuss!”

Ummm… yes, you will get calls back! No doubt about it!

Homeowners who paid less than 20% down on their mortgage pay what is known as PMI or (Private Mortgage Insurance) to their lender. This is usually around 1% per year of their total loan. Once they’ve paid 20% of their loan down, that can come off, BUT… think about this! Since 2012, the AVERAGE rise in value nationwide to home values have gone up between 6-9% PER YEAR!! That means that someone who bought their house 3 years ago probably has between 18-27% of a value increase to their home now, which means they have a TON of equity now in their home.

By getting in touch with a lender, they can more than likely refinance and get that PMI payment removed from their mortgage payment, thus saving them hundreds of dollars per month in most cases. Insurance is boring, so remember, CHANGE THE CONVERSATION! And now have referrals to give to your referral sources!