Without a clear vision for the follow-up processes in your agency, what will usually happen is you’ll get leads coming in that you have spent good money for, your staff will work for a couple of days, and then they’ll stop because they feel like it’s gone cold, or that another company has surely bound their policies since most leads are being sold to 5-8 different companies at the same time –

Again, with referrals, that’s not an issue – You are ONLY going up against the company that the prospect is already with. But with most leads, they’re not exclusive, right? So, if you’re not the first one to reach them, you’re possibly going up against 5-8 other companies.

I’m going to give you a trick that is going to save you a ton of money if you ARE buying leads. You ready? If you absolutely have to buy insurance leads, the ONLY recommendation I have for this is… you ready? AGED leads – SO much cheaper than real time leads, and here’s why these are the only ones that I can actually recommend –

Here’s the reality – You’re trying to set yourself as DIFFERENT than ALL other agents, right? – Only 1 out of 10 agents out there call more than 3 times. Here’s the issue with that – 4 out of 5 sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact, NOT in the first 3 or 4. While all of the other agents out there and their staff are only calling a few times, maybe over the course of the first couple of weeks they have the lead in hand, here’s what YOU do, because you’re different:

If you absolutely have to buy leads – Buy leads that are AGED…maybe even 2 or 3 week OLD leads. Why? NOBODY else is calling them. So you’re setting yourself apart from EVERYONE else, and now when you call them, you’re ONLY going up against the company they’re with NOW, not 5-8 other companies. 3 weeks ago, this prospects information got thrown into the piranha tank of insurance agents, and now here you come after everyone else is done fighting over them, and swoop in take them while nobody else is looking.

Here’s what that did for MY numbers – When you get a real time lead, how many are you able to quote, if they’re not a live transfer? Maybe 10%, maybe 15%?

My staff knew that one way we were going to be DIFFERENT than all other agents is to NOT stop calling a prospect after only a few times, or even a few weeks.

So, in my agency, I didn’t care AT ALL if I quoted someone the day I got the lead, or I didn’t quote them for 3 months, it didn’t matter, because remember the 12 week year that I spoke about in another article? Consistently, month after month, all of my leads – When looking back over a 12 week mover, leads that I got 12 weeks ago, I will always have quoted 60-70% of them. So, that meant the hardest month for me was my first month figuring out my numbers and starting that process, because I was just starting to fill that pipeline, to fill that funnel with new leads – Once I realized the numbers, it was completely just a matter of continually filling that funnel!

It starts with figuring out what your number is. I want you to never have to have that stressful “year end push” ever again. How much more would your staff look forward to that time of the year, and how much easier would it be for you to be able to get through that time of the year, knowing that you hit your goals months ago?