Hello again all you awesome insurance agents out there – I’m here with The Referral Kings with a quick tip on something that helped us get a TOOOON of life insurance policies written in our agency, and it was at the IDEAL time to talk about the subject.

Let’s face it – Life Insurance can be a tough conversation to have, and even initiate, so what if there was a time in someone’s life where it made ABSOLUTE sense to talk about it, and get two VERY QUICK policies written without even having to CALL IT life insurance?

What the heck am I talking about?

As you guys know, in my agency, our #1 growth method was working with centers of influence, especially loan officers and realtors.

When we would be referred a borrower about to buy a home, OBVIOUSLY we were talking about their auto, OBVIOUSLY we were talking about the necessity of having an umbrella liability policy, but what about life insurance?

Here’s how we did it –

Everyone is going to have different kinds of policies that their carriers offer, but the carrier I was with had a basic term policy and it was a 15 year $150k policy that was super inexpensive, and DID NOT require medical.

Here’s all I did – When giving the final price for EVERYTHING (especially the auto, and umbrella), I would make this statement – “By the way, since your biggest asset is “your ability to earn income” I realized since you’re buying your home, we obviously need to give you MORTGAGE PROTECTION just in case something happens to either of you, I included a life insurance policy for each of you which will help with $150k of your mortgage AUTOMATICALLY if something happens to one of you. No medical needed at all.”

So I would ASSUME the sale, but then I would help them to see that once they get into the home, we obviously will want to talk about other options since that policy doesn’t COMPLETELY cover your mortgage since your mortgage is $250k, or $400k, etc.

There’s my tip for the day – I KNOW you’ll bind a TOOOOON of life policies by using this simple conversation at the point of sale.