Ok, quick question – Have you ever gotten an auto insurance quote with Geico?

If not, there’s your assignment for the day!

But if you have, no doubt you noticed a HUGE difference between getting a quote with Geico, and someone getting a quote from your staff. And, I’m sorry, but I don’t mean that as a compliment to you.

Work with me here…

One thing that Geico excels at more than almost every other insurance company and their staff is this – Geico ASKS for the sale!

Seriously… how easy is it to get off the phone with someone at the Geico call center after getting a quote? Almost impossible – You know why?

After that rep has given you a quote, and you hang up the phone because you say you need to think about it, or you need to talk to your spouse, or whatever, let’s say you do end up calling back in to get that policy – Who gets the credit for that policy? NOT the person who originally quoted you – You’re going to be talking to someone completely differently. So Geico reps are trained on EXACTLY how to ask for the sale, and keep the prospect on the phone until they do!

Now, how is your staff with this? – You’re probably thinking to yourself, eh… not so great!

And you know exactly what I’m talking about – How often are you and your staff able to write a policy on a one call close with a new prospect? Probably almost never! And it all comes down to one thing – PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE! If you’re agency is not doing practice sessions, and roleplaying sessions DAILY… you’re not closing nearly as many sales as you could be.

As soon as you hang up the phone with a prospect you just quoted, if they haven’t purchased, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that you’re never going to going to get them on the phone again, and even MORE LIKELY that you’re NEVER going to get the sale – No matter how good you think you are.

The better your staff are at CLOSING on the initial call, your agency is going to EXPLODE in growth!