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Want to Sell More Life Insurance? Here’s How!

Hello again all you awesome insurance agents out there – I’m here with The Referral Kings with a quick tip on something that helped us get a TOOOON of life insurance policies written in our agency, and it was at the IDEAL time to talk about the subject. Let’s face it...

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Work ON Your Agency Not Just IN Your Agency

Good morning – Chris Burkett here with TheReferralKings.com I literally just got off a call with an insurance agent in Michigan who brought up a concern that I hear SO often when coaching agents – And that is that he just gets so bogged down with the day to day...

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Sell on VALUE, NOT on PRICE – Why Split Limits?

Hi Everybody – Chris here with Referral Kings – I want to take just a minute or two to talk about a subject that will INSTANTLY set you apart from every other insurance agent and will help you To INSTANTLY Sell On VALUE, NOT on PRICE – And that is the subject of Split...

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